Movie Fest held at Dhaka International University

A gala Movie Fest was held at Permanent Campus, Dhaka International University on Wednesday, February 08, 2023. Centre For Excellence and Career Development (CECD), DIU hosted the Movie Fest, where the students of different departments took participation in the fest. After watching the Movie, a Quiz Competition, a Review Discussion, and a Prize ceremony to the winners of the fest were held. It becomes as a successful and an effective fest with the active participation of teachers, officials, and students. Among the guests, Jamsedur Rahman, Chairman of the Department of Sociology, S. Jubair Al Ahmed, Chairman of the Department of English, Sazzad Hossain Shovan, Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr. Sazzad Hossain, Coordinator of CECD, Mili Rahman, Associate Professor of the Department of English, and all the faculties of English (CECD) were present in the fest. The guests shared their opinion as to continue the Movie Fest regularly for the betterment of the students. The students shared their happiness and pleasure for being the part of the program. They requested to organize such kind of programs regularly. It was totally free for all the DIU students, teachers, officials, and stakeholders alike. The Director of CECD, Md. Anisor Rahman, highlighted the significance of English Movies to enrich students’ language skills and encourage them to be boosted with the latest upgradation of technologies and co-curricular activities. CECD, DIU focuses on developing students’ skills through fun and jollification. That is why the English faculties inspire the learners to be boosted with the latest approaches of English language learning.


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